2018-03-07 14:05:33


It's with great sadness that we announce the departure of our clan's oldest members:

MMilos: there's so much to say about him, he's one of the original founders of the clan and χron's team leader, the member who contributed the most to help the clan rise to where it stands now. Our clan will miss one of the strongest defenders in Teeworlds and the reliable, genuine person you are.
The reasons of his departure arise from internal inconsistencies, seeing no progress in that matter he decided to leave the team.
I want to thank you for the time we've spent together butchering people and wish you good luck.
See you on the battlefield, this time, as enemies.

Imba: joined our clan more than 4 years ago, as years passed by he steadily became one of the pillars of our xron team and a realiable great attacker (even a good def!) even though sometimes he acts like an unexpected time bomb.
Imba left us as he found that the scene's death level is >9k, and matches getting too repetitive.
it's sad to have you go but understandable, we'll miss your positiveness and your chill attitude.
We wish you good luck and see you in game.  smile


2017-11-21 20:30:25


We are pleased to welcome Destin among us. He has been playing in CTF for a few years now, even though he spent some time on other mods.

He's mostly known for his defense where his strong hook and grenade shine. Now among us we hope he will seize the opportunity to grow and become one of the strongest.

It is no secret he has wanted to join us for a while now, first applying a year ago while we were completely inactive. This time we hope he will be the one to bring activity to the clan, organizing clan wars and giving signs of life.


2017-03-01 15:38:45


Our member Dai has decided to stop playing Teeworlds, and has thus left us.

Our line-up will miss a strong player with great moves. Dai finds the scene too repetitive; that's why we are trying to encourage more diversity by playing on different maps (such as ctf_tantum) and faster game setups thanks to Discord.

Well, that was not enough for Dai, who was also longing for more ctf2 challenging clanwars (these days it's hard to find a clanwar on a format bigger than 3x3...), so farewell smile

On the plus side, we had previously reported that Clay was lost, but he returned to us and seems motivated to reach his old power-level. Welcome back (a bit late) and hoping you reach your goals smile


2017-02-03 14:23:34


Every year, as seasons change the scene comes and go. Summer and winter holidays see the return of many veteran tees, and free time allows games at any hour of the day. These are the fun days. Then everyone goes back to their usual life habits: some are just too busy for a game, others long for it but clocks are not synchronized. You were busy last week, come back to a deserted scene; they didn't want off, they just got tired of waiting for you. You start Teeworlds, see an empty server list, and close it. Repeat. The unsung heroes camp a server, play some duels on dm1, both as a statement and as a beacon of light for all players to join and get the real action starting.

We saw this winter, for the first time since years, a reasonably active scene with four main clans that could provide some stability and action: EVIL, digital, POLICE and obviously ÆON & χron since our return. But this balance is fragile. We must make the scene more appealing and be more open to get the required intake of fresh blood. Unfortunately, it is when the scene is at its brightest, with plenty of good tees to fight with and against, that it is the less welcoming to poor new souls wandering in our lands and dreaming to be one day a part of it.

What can we do with that, with limited slots? I don't believe in 64, because it brings more problems than solutions. I personally think we should organize more, larger clan wars, and events, and stream them. Is there anyone interested in helping us making this happen? We could take care, with other caretakers of the scene, of the organization of game seasons between clans and tournaments.

I believe seeing high-level games with some stake, even if it's just glory for the winners, would make the game much more appealing and there are many experienced tees in Teeworlds, whether they dwelve on other mods or on ctf5, or are gone because of the lack of activity, that would join us. Those who have made the jump don't regret it. And then, there are all the complete newcomers who are pushed away. They could not join us without the required training, but they need the motivation to go through that unrewarding process.

Yet before we can make this happen, we need to stabilize the current scene activity, and even the Winter activity, as it was in the Golden Age. What we need is a way to find a game without idling on a server; to be able to find clanwar without harassing lone members; to organize CTF2 captain games regularly.

To that end, I announce the opening of the Teeworlds Scene Hub. It is a Discord server that will be dedicated to the Vanilla Scene. Our plan is not to make it an ÆON server (we have one, and encourage other clans to do the same), but have a shared one for the scene. We will manage it with active clans of the day, as they come and go. As such I invite in our moderation and management team one leader or representative from each of the main clans, EVIL, dgt and POLICE.

Now, you might ask: "why another Discord server and not the server started by TW-Clanzone?". Well, we have evaluated that server and we don't think it is a fit choice for our project. One of the main issues is that it is already very populated with players from many different mods of Teeworlds that would not be interested by our content. We are looking for something somewhat more exclusive:

  • Actual Vanilla players only (even if part-time); we will use (or rename) Teeworld names to make sure everyone is recognizable

  • Dedicated to finding games and having game discussion, not post memes

  • Strong moderation against known cheaters, people who threaten DdoS, etc

  • No or very little moderation otherwise, trust scene players to be behave

  • Likewise, English-speaking only

If you hesitate to join Discord, hesitate no more! I personally had bad expectations, but it's pretty neat. Discord is lightweight, non-intrusive (I disabled notifications), has an awesome smartphone app (way better than Skype's), runs in the browser or installed (except on Linux, browser only). And you can prevent anyone that is not in your contact list to message you privately, and obviously hide your online status. What's more to ask?

As the Hub goes live and active, we will probably use it to set daily passwords on active servers when we want to ensure quality and non-fake players. Teeworlds does not have a registration system, but things would be so much better if we had less trolling and more playing. Oh, and getting captain games started faster smile.

We hope the Teeworlds Scene Hub can allow us, in the days to come, to organize games more efficiently, and later to integrate Twitch streams. We could make it a platform for an everlasting active scene! So join now!

PS: To join you must have a valid Discord account (e-mail checked) and be a Discord member for 5 minutes.


2017-01-31 23:26:35


I'm here to announce that baby is leaving the Teelands due to understandable RL issues thus he's no longer a member of our clan.

It was a great time playing with an awesome player just like you are. 

I wish you good luck in your life, hopefully we'll meet again someday.

Farewell my friend! smile